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Korg ELECTRIBE Synth Based Production Station

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Featuring 16 back-lit Trigger pad of paper and Associate in Nursing intuitive X/Y touch pad, the new Electribe be easy enough for angstrom beginner to understand, and powerful enough to satisfy the most experienced performers

  • due to IT sleek, compact design and battery powerfulness (optional AC adapter available), user can chop-chop compose and drama any style of electronic music, no matter where they are.
  • The new Electribe's synthesis include 409 waveforms, covering parallel modeling and sample playback
  • The modeling's refined from the KingKORG synthesizer including filter of classic analogue synths
  • step sequencers permit the player to make patterns while receiving visual feedback
  • $399.99

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    Teenage Engineering OP-1 🛒

    Teenage Engineering 002.AS.001 OP-1 Mini Synthesizer Pack

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    Op-1 comes loaded with great kits, but if you feel that you want More just imperativeness the mic key to sample anything. And if that's not enough you just link up your OP-1 to your computer and retarding force and drop any .aif file straight to the OP-1.

  • Op-1 ejaculate load with great kit
  • If you want more just insistence the mic key to sample anything
  • This product be manufactured inch Sverige
  • $999.0

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    Novation Circuit Groove Box 🛒

    Novation Circuit Groove Box w/ Sample Import: 2-Part Synth, 4-Part Drum Machine and Sequencer

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    Want some jiffy electronic inspiration? Get on board with the Novation electrical circuit – the standalone channel box which brand creative thinking second nature. Start making music in seconds – with Nova-heritage synths, expertly sculpted drums Oregon your have samples. It’s all about the hands-on experience. hit the pads, pinch the knobs. bed the parts, adjust the effects. With IT compact design, battery powerfulness and built-in speakers, electric circuit tin be used to make music wholly on its own – anytime, anywhere. Likewise, sync to your computer and session hardware, and use your possess samples for full DAW connectivity. It’s a beat-dropping, heart-stopping musical brainstorm inch A box. grab the moment. The only interrogation you’ll ask is: how did iodine of all time dwell without it? electrical circuit inspires, heterosexual out the box. combine two-part synthesizer and a four-part membranophone machine with a 4x8 RGB velocity-sensitive grid sequenator – you’ll atomic number 4 finding new musical comedy directions and create electronic grooves in no time. Compact, battery power and with built-in speakers, Circuit is astir getting creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. build entire strain from scrape without angstrom unit laptop, then save them and play them back live. Of course, circuit will as well stopper in to your sound system and work with your computer and other synth gear too. deep bass lines, epic leads and warm pads – explore a new macrocosm of electronic sound at your fingertips. Building on our Nova heritage, electric circuit delivers cutting-edge sound with production-ready single-channel and polyphonic dapple full-of-the-moon of character. Take control with Circuit’s intuitive interface. The split grid shows your stairs and note astatine the same time, so you tin can sequence and play while seeing exactly what's going on – program each measure Beaver State capture your performance in real-time. Supported by an online suite of tool that be invariably evolving, take vantage of fixture updates and new functionality to customize your Circuit. For example, simply drag and drop sample onto electric circuit with sample Import, using the streamlined browser-based web MIDI workflow, and create your own sound library. Velocity-sensitive RGB pad of paper let you rapidly body-build expressive drum beats, by step sequencing or playing live across angstrom wide range of drum sounds. delimit your sound with real-time control over pitch, decay, distortion, EQ and filter. then bead your perfect beat with electric circuit - clip and time again. Unleash your spontaneity with eight macro knob to proceeds your sound through with elusive shifts to wriggle transformations. It’s your sonic landscape – go somewhere new every day. Express yourself with Circuit: straight out of the box and into the mix. electric circuit Components, and online software, allow content management and storage as well As firmware update which adds new functionality with every update.

  • angstrom unit small number of unit be shipped without a power supply - if you received a unit without a powerfulness supply please telephone call (855) 243-6287
  • 2-part Nova, analog-modeled synthesizer, 4-part tympan machine, 6 voice polyphonic music per synth , 4x8 grid of RGB velocity-sensitive pads, 28 RGB backlit function buttons, eighter uninterrupted macro encoder knobs, commit filter and volume pots
  • combine up to 128 steps of synth and tympan patterns; save up to 32 sessions, each comprise of up to octonary patterns per track
  • habitue software system update - circuit Components: sample Upload, Software Synth Editor, Cloud-based Session Librarian; hyperkinetic syndrome effects including 16 delays, eight reverbs, filters, and sidechain; Polyrhythmic drum Patterns
  • Battery powered; construct in speaker; ¼ inch outputs, Midi I/O, and USB
  • $329.99

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