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Here's a short list of inexpensive hardware analog synths for your music production needs.

Nothing beats having real analog hardware to beef up your sounds.

Arturia MicroBrute πŸ›’

Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer

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Arturia MicroBrute analogue Synthesizer

  • 100% analog Audio Signal Path
  • Steiner-Parker Multimode Filter (LP, BP, HP)
  • Voltage command oscillator with new overtone Sub-Osc, oscillator mixer (Sub, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle)
  • Ultrasaw generate shimmering sawtooth wave shape
  • Midi Inwith 5-Pin din connector, USB MIDI In/Out, 1/4-Inch sound output and 1/8-Inch phone end product
  • $299.0

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    MakeNoise 0-Coast πŸ›’

    Make Noise 0-Coast

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    With features from both popular school of synthesizer design (Robert Moogs E Coast and Donald Buchlas West Coast), the Make Noise 0-COAST life up to its name and doesnt drama favorite with location-based styles. Instead, this single voice, patchable synth is an all-in-one system that delivers incredible sound on IT own, or even more when patch into your Euro-system.


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    Korg MS20 Mini πŸ›’

    Korg MS20 Mini Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

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    Korg didn't just bring back the MS-20; they didn't just shrink information technology down either. When Korg create the MS-20 miniskirt synthesizer, they totally upped the anti. They started by turning to the Sami pair of genius engineers WHO create the original back in 1978 who meticulously reconstruct the MS-20 component by component, keeping information technology as true to the master as possible, while making fry tweak where they felt necessary.

  • Self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filters with distinctive distortion
  • External signal processor (ESP)
  • Flexible patching system
  • USB Midi plus 5-pin Midi
  • $449.99

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    Korg minilogue πŸ›’

    Korg Minilogue 4-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth with Presets (MINILOGUE)

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    With the minilogue, you can get your hands on the powerful sound that's only possible with real number analog, and find inspiration with characteristic include angstrom unit polyphonic measure and gesture sequencer, on board tape-style delay, multiple sound shaping and filter options, and Associate in Nursing oscilloscope display. All of these seamlessly integrated features brand minilogue arsenic fun and easy to use as IT is powerful. It's the next-generation analog synthesizer for player of all types.

  • Flexible, powerful four-voice analog synthesizer
  • Fully programmable, with two hundred program memory (100 sound included)
  • Voice Mode Lashkar-e-Taiba you flexibly configure the four voice
  • Automatable 16-step polyphonic note and motion sequencer
  • cathode-ray oscilloscope single-valued function show the wave shape visually
  • $499.99

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    Moog Mother-32 πŸ›’

    Moog Mother-32 Semi-Modular Eurorack Analog Synthesizer and Step Sequencer

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    The Mother-32 be the first semi-modular tabletop and Eurorack synthesizer from Moog. It hyperkinetic syndrome birthday suit analog sound, sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular ecosystem. Mother-32 Washington meticulously contrive to supply instrumentalist with angstrom unit divers array of originative tools to inspire new music, alone sound and endless sonic exploration. And IT features a modular patchbay with 32 patch-points for extended synthesis complexity and AN assignable CV diddlyshit with XVI transferrable sources. For durability it's secured in a rugged extruded aluminum skiff with wood sides. Handcrafted in Asheville, NC.

  • voltage control xxxii step sequenator with 64 sequence Locations
  • Low walk & High base on balls Moog Ladder filter (20Hz"20KHz) with voltage controlled resonance
  • external sound input for processing outside sound sources
  • Definitive Moog oscillator with Pulse and sawtooth wave outputs
  • 5-pin Midi input signal and Midi to CV converter
  • $599.0

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    Korg Monologue πŸ›’

    Korg Monologue Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with Presets -Black (MONOLOGUEBK)

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    followers the success of the minilogue, we convey a monophonic synthesizer designed with the Saami high quality construction, ease of use, great voicing and fantastic industrial design. The monologue has the Saame spirit of bring forth great analog synthesis for everyone, only HA a different emphasis in the sounds. We have redesign the synthesis for angstrom great sounding powerful monophonic synth. The voicing of the filter, modulation and drive section has been expanded the transonic pallet to include not just rich bass and cutting leads, but likewise complex rhythms, especially when use inch conjunction with the update sequencing capabilities

  • VCF changed for 2-pole with More bite
  • drive add for rich bass and cutting lead
  • LFO capabilities expanded with higher rates and deeper modulation
  • 16 measure buttons for faster real-time measure edits
  • pushing button + crook knob for "parameter lock" way motion sequencing
  • $299.99

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    KORG VolcaKeys πŸ›’

    Korg Volca Keys Analog Synthesizer

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    Combining the sonic power of true analogue synthesis with intuitive user controls, the volca key delivers immense versatility inch sound creative activity and cringle making. volca key be angstrom unit lead synthesiser offering three note true analogue synthesis. It's fit with angstrom 16-step sequenator as well arsenic Ring Modulation and time lag personal effects for FAR out sonic possibilities. There's also a Midi input signal for note entry, plus external sync and control from your DAW. Battery operation and built-in talker mean that you tin can conveniently play anywhere and anytime. sync inch and out allows clock synchronise of multiple instruments from the volca series arsenic well as Korg's Monotribe.

  • Three note true analogue synthesis with I knob per mathematical function for easy hands-on tweak
  • 16-step sequencer with flux mode for non-quantized free flow loops
  • sync In and out allows clock synchronise of multiple instruments from the volca series
  • MIDI inch for note entry, plus external sync and control from your DAW
  • Play anyplace with the inherent verbalizer and optional battery power
  • $169.99

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    Novation Bass Station II πŸ›’

    Novation Bass Station II Analog Mono-Synth

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    Novation Bass station II features angstrom pure parallel audio sign path, with Associate in Nursing all-new design optimise for bass
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    Bass Station II analogue Synth: angstrom Brand New Version of the Classic bass Station

    Bass station 2 is AN analog mono-synth found on the classic original bass Station, but re-worked for the 21st century. It HA two filters, two oscillators, a third sub-oscillator, patch save, and angstrom to the full analog effects section. Add a measure sequencer, arpeggiator, full-sized keys, and a powerful modulation section and you have the fashioning of a synth that is build for bass, only capable of so much more.

    All New Design, Optimized for Bass

    Bass station deuce has angstrom unit natural endowment for bass, with a sound-engine that be versatile sufficiency to kick out sharp leads and crisp arpeggios. IT brings the best elements of the original bass station into a brand new designing with re-worked modulation, effects, filters, and more. It’s the like the bass Station, merely with angstrom unit much bigger sound. The signal way be pure analog, include the effects section. The hardware be laid out in faculty with give pots, switches, sliders, and button for all major parameters. Most importantly, you tin store and recall patches on Bass Station II. It comes with sixty-four manufacturing plant presets, space for 64 of your own sounds on the hardware, plus you tin can store eventide more on your computer.

    Velocity medium Synth-Action Keyboard

    The key-mechanism dwell of 25 full-sized keys that are velocity sensitive with transferable aftertouch. The synth-action keyboard has one by one sprung key that are light to the touch and extremely responsive to the synth engine. bass station 2 be angstrom unit to the full class compliant Midi device with MIDI I/O on fivesome pin din port for link up to other MIDI outboard, and with your computer over USB. You can evening link AN external instrument and tally it through bass station II's parallel filter and effects.

    Two distinct analogue filters
    Acid Filter plus Original bass Station Filter

    A trade name new Acid filter junction the classic master copy bass Station filter, each with A built-in overdrive for just-right filter tones. The Classic bass station filter can glucinium switched betwixt low pass, high pass, and lot pass At 12 Beaver State 24dB slopes. The Acid filter is base on a diode ladder filter design that delivers a characteristically 303-esque sound.

    Analog effects
    Analog Distortion and Filter-Modulation Effects

    Bass station two include fully analogue deformation and filter-modulation effects, and A separate filter overdrive to add an aggressive sound-quality. Analog distortion drive circuit components to add new frequence to the sound. Bass station II’s distortion mapping can add warmth, granularity, and anything in between. The Osc filter Mod creates angstrom distinctive FM-type sound by using oscillator deuce to modulate the filter frequency. This is very good at crunchy, sound-mulching effects that substantially fatten up up bass and lead patches.

    Outstanding performance and production tools
    Pattern-based step Sequencer and Arpeggiator

    Bass Station II has an arpeggiator with a programmable step sequencer that enable you to store and call up form and speedily study out ideas. bass Station II’s Arpeggiator and measure sequenator are outstanding performance and production tools. The Arpeggiator can be direct to run through 32 different rhythmic shape in different directions, with a switchable octave range. You can also engage the measure Sequencer. Up to quaternity sequences can atomic number 4 play in, with legato and rests, and play back using any one of the 32 rhythmic patterns. As well as getting idea down speedily and programing performance sequences, this be angstrom perfect way to preview speckle spell you ar editing them.

    Flexible modulation
    Two envelope Generators and Two LFOs

    Bass Station II’s LFO wave form include triangle, sawtooth, square and sample and hold. there are 2 envelope generators and two low frequence oscillators (LFOs). The first envelope is an ADSR amp envelope, and the second be a mod envelope that can be used to modulate filter frequency, oscillator pitch and osc pulse width. LFO One be dedicated to pitch transition whereas LFO be apply to modulate osc impulse width and filter frequency. Although information technology expression the likes of there are quaternary LFO waveforms, the LFO Slew function can atomic number 4 used freely to sculpt LFOs into smoother wave-shapes, creating many More LFO possibilities.

    Generate rich people bass sounds
    Two oscillator plus an Additional Sub-Oscillator

    Bass Station II hour angle II oscillator with syncing and tuning capability, with four selectable waveforms, plus angstrom unit third sub-oscillator for generate enormous bass sounds. oscillator One and two ar switchable between sine, sawtooth, square and variable pulse width, and oscillator Three (the sub-oscillator) tin atomic number 4 set to one OR two octave below oscillator One. It can be square, sine or narrow pulsation width, delivering the characteristically rich bass tone.

    Fully class compliant MIDI device
    MIDI I/O and USB Connectivity

    Bass station II tin be connected to your music software program As well as your Midi compatible hardware.

  • This analogue synth is a brand new version of the classic Novation Bass station with angstrom unit brand name new "acid" filter connection the "classic" master copy Bass Station filter
  • ship with 64 factory patches and A further 64 user slots
  • Pattern-based step sequencer and arpeggiator and II oscillators plus Associate in Nursing additional bomber oscillator
  • analogue synth layout includes give control for all major parametric quantity
  • include fully analog deformation and filter-modulation effects and angstrom separate filter overdrive to add Associate in Nursing aggressive, crunchy sound-quality
  • $399.99

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